How to Change your Blog template

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You need to understand that on the Blogger platform there are 2 kinds of templates, that is Classic template (HTML template) and XML template. Most of Blogger templates in this Blog are XML templates and the instruction here are use to change your Blogger templates that are XML templates, for Classic template you can find the instruction here. It is not that hard to change the template of your Blog, just go to your Blogger dashboard and follow the steps below here.(just click the thumbnail picture below here to see the larger pictures)

  1. First of all, you need to login to your Blogger account and highlight your blog that you want to change the template than click on the “Layout” link.
    Choose the blog
  2. Then Choose on the “Edit HTML” section menu.
    choose edit html
  3. You will see a big input box with full of codes at "Edit Template" section, Click “Browse” then select you template file which comes out of your downloaded template (the file format is .XML) or just open your template file in editor application like notepad, clear the template code input box then paste your new template code from your template file.
    edit template code
  4. Then Click “Save template”. Then go to your blog to see the change.

Important : I recommend you to backup
your old template codes before deleting them. In order to backup your old template click the “Download Full template” right above the “Browse” button.

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